Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently

It's December 1, which means I can officially start celebrating Christmas.  I already tuned my car radio to the 24/7 Christmas music station.  The Christmas tree has been put up (not finished though...I'll get to that down below).  My girlfriends and I had our favorites party today too.  Thank goodness!  I'm sick of covering my ears and eyes when I walk into stores who have been playing and putting out stuff since the beginning of October.  Yeah!  You probably think I'm a scrooge now...but I'm really fact, I'm quite the obsessed Christmas fan.  After all, it is my favorite holiday!

The spread from our favorites party earlier favorites is at the bottom of this photo.  I brought my favorite pampering items (Freeman's masks, nail polish, and cupcakes from my favorite local bakery)


Nope, I'm not afraid to admit that I am a fan of RHOA, or reality television in general.  Actually, my favorite set of housewives are the Beverly Hills ladies.  But I absolutely love Nene and can't get enough.  I could easily do without Kenya though as she is quite irritating.  For those who are fans...what do you think of Candy's mom being incredibly crazy and psychopath-like with Todd.  She's a bit overbearing and up in her business?  Trainwreck!


Technically, I didn't actually score fantastic deals...unless you include the 3 or 4 Blu-Rays we found at Target for $4 each.  It was just nice to go out with my husband and do a little fun shopping together.  I cheated and bought the pair of black boots I just put on my Christmas wishlist the other day  (see picture below...and check out the best part on the back of the boot).  Whoops!  The thing is, I didn't want to miss out since I wear a pretty typical size shoe.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  So, I also scored myself the 2 seriously gorgeous Essie nail polishes from their winter 2013 line.  Check 'em out!  Need. To. Wear. Soon!

Image from Pinterest - Target


The 5-day break I am just finishing up here was a really nice relaxing one.  I was able to get cleaning done along with some shopping and lounging as well.  Not to mention, I got to hang out with friends and enjoy some time without worrying about work or my classroom.  So, I am dreading these next 3 weeks because they are sure to drag even though 3 weeks sounds like such a short amount of time.  In fact, the 3rd week is our 2nd quarter district benchmark testing week and that means testing all day long in a silent testing environment...think state testing.  Yep!  Dreading it.


I was really looking forward to getting my tree put up along with some of my many many many decorations.  We have one of those fake trees that comes in what seems like a million pieces, so it takes almost 2 hours to put up!  That is without even putting on the lights or decorations.  Okay, so I actually got it up in a record amount of time and when I plugged in the 2 strings of lights, I remembered that one of them has an entire color that is burnt out.  Of course, this happened last year, but I was too lazy to toss it and buy a new set.  I went out to Target to grab a new string, got home, plugged it in, started to wind it around the tree, and what happens?  It is too short!!  Gah!  Luckily, my nice hubby grabbed another string while he was out on his dinner break.  


We always get our performance check (for passing the state test the year before) about 2 weeks before Christmas.  In the past, I have lovingly used this to buy my family their gifts.  My favorite part of Christmas is being able to put in some creative thought to find the perfect gift for everyone.  So, I relish that check and always chomp at the bit waiting for it to be passed out.  It needs to happen soon!!  My palms are itching.

Favorite Tradition:

Since this is my favorite holiday, I tend to have quite a few favorite traditions.  I'll probably have to do a whole other blog post on this.  But I'd say the newest tradition is something my husband and I started doing last year.  We each stuffed the other's stocking with goodies and then before our family comes over for Christmas morning festivities, we sit down in our Christmas pajamas and open them up.  It's even more fun than opening up our regular gifts!  I couldn't believe all the little items he stuffed in there. Plus, it was a ball being able to stuff his stocking with little gadgets and man-cave type stuff.

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