Monday, December 9, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness in Support of Sandy Hook

Image from What the Teacher Wants | Click image to visit her post
The community of Sandy Hook is asking the nation to remember those precious lives lost almost one year ago by giving through random acts of kindness.  I don't know about others, but this was something I took especially to heart last year when I stood in front of my students and imagined what I would have done if this had happened at our school.  I can't imagine the sadness and loss the community members of Sandy Hook felt.  But we did our best from our side of the country to show them we supported them and what they were going through by making and sending them handmade paper snowflakes for when the students returned to school.

How Can You Show Your Support Today?

With the approaching one year anniversary of such a tragedy, I want to make sure we take the opportunity to make the random acts of kindness part of our school life and in turn help my students see how they can pass it on outside of our school walls.  With the help of What the Teacher Wants R.A.C.K. product sold on TPT and 4th Grade Frolic's blog post (where I found out about this request from Sandy Hook)...we will be kicking off RACK in our classroom the rest of these 2 weeks leading up to our winter break.  We would like you to join in with us, whether you purchase the pack from TPT or come up with your own way to show random acts of kindness, please take this opportunity to remember and honor those 26 precious lives lost and the community who continues to heal.

On sale at TPT for $3.00 via Rachelle @ What the Teacher Wants | Click on image

Do you plan on using Random Acts of Kindness in your classroom or at home?  Let me know.  I'd love to hear how you spread the support and kindness.