Monday, December 9, 2013

R.A.C.K. In Our Classroom | Day 1

So today I introduced Random Acts of Christmas Kindness to my students.  We had a quick little share-out about the Sandy Hook events last year.  They were all extremely open to embracing this R.A.C.K. opportunity to support the Sandy Hook we were off with a bang this morning.  In case you missed my blog post from yesterday, I linked up to What the Teacher Wants blog post and Teachers Pay Teachers product here.

I chose today's R.A.C.K. and it happened to be for our administrators.  We have 3 on our campus and we love them!  So, the kids had an absolute ball getting their first R.A.C.K. ready for them.  Part of this one was secretly delivering it to the ladies who take care of us on our campus.  We sealed their finished products up in 3 envelopes and included the anonymous "You've Been R.A.C.K.ed" cards to the envelopes.  I sneakily dropped them off outside their office doors.  It made me giddy doing so and the kids were way ecstatic when I came back to the classroom and told them I was successful in not being discovered.

At the end of the day, I reminded them they would be able to deliver another Random Act of Kindness and they actually cheered!  I looooooove it!  I'd say this is already a GIGANTIC success.