Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting My Fix with Stitch Fix!

So many of my friends and followers really wanted to know about my Stitch Fix experience.  What else could be better than having someone else buy you some super cute and trendy clothes? Since I can't afford to do that on a teacher's salary and I do quite enjoy shopping and finding great pieces to add to my wardrobe year-round...I just found and tried out the next best thing!

Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping experience and a seriously neat little way to feel pampered.  You don't have to be a fan of fashion or someone who is necessarily any good at picking out clothes for yourself.  You can let the stylists do the work for you!!  All you have to do is complete a style quiz which includes some information about your sizing, body type, types of cuts and pieces you have in your closet already, and what you hope to get through getting your Fix. Check out more information on that in my other blog post here (towards the bottom) where I show you a little bit of the quiz.   They also ask you to select how much you would like to spend on certain items.  I chose to be sent the least expensive options...this is a die-hard Forever 21 and JCPenney's shopper here you know.

Schedule your Fix for whenever you'd like (they do seem to be booking up fast) or choose to have a Fix sent to you every month.  It's all completely up to you.  You pay a $20 styling fee for each Fix. Then, sit back and be impatient as you wait for your 5 specially selected items to come to your door in what will seem like a nicely-wrapped Christmas present.   If you choose to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your total and the $20 styling fee is applied as well.  They send you a prepaid envelope so you can send back things you don't want to keep.  Easy peasy!

My First Stitch Fix

One of the other high points of Stitch Fix's service?  They give you 2 styled looks you can use as inspiration for each item your stylist picks out for you.  If you don't have these types of pieces in your wardrobe, you can always find them on your own or use them to pair your items with things that are similar...which you'll see is what I did with the 5 pieces I received.  

As soon as I opened that box I thought...score!  My stylist was spot on and pegged me to a T.  Now a bit of an FYI I figured out by doing some research online from other Stitch Fix reviews?  You can provide a link to your Pinterest board in your Style Quiz.  If you create an actual Stitch Fix Style Board and pin a bunch of items you like from their board or anywhere...your stylist will use it to get to know you.  I HUGELY attribute this to the success of my Fix!  

Here is what happened next when I had myself a little bit of a private fashion myself.  Ugh.

1.  Kensie Dexter Faux Leather Sleeve Jacket: I have 3 suit type jackets that I love to wear, so finding this in my box was definitely a high point.  Usually, jackets with leather solely on the sleeves annoy me.  But the details of the buttons, the diagonal cut cuffs, the little leather strap closure, and the unique long front with the shorter back had me excited.  As you can see, it looked much better open, which wasn't so nice since I really like the closure detail.  I tried to show the back with the sleeve shape and the shorter back.  While I had high hopes for this one, it just didn't flatter me well enough to keep it. Meh.  
Status:  Sent Back | $78

2. 41Hawthorn Milo Bird Print Pleated Detail Skirt:  Blech!  I could not get this one off fast enough. While I seriously fell in love with the print when I first opened the box, I just could not see myself ever wearing this.  You can see here how it fits me in a strange way. It hangs down in the front because my rear end and hips are broader.  The waistband is too narrow. I felt like I need to add a belt or something, but that would have been too much.  The material was very soft and the quality was very good...but this just did not fit right at all.  Granted, I wouldn't pair this with my black booties next time, but I was trying to style it the way I saw in the card and was in a hurry to get my little fashion show over with since I was sweating like crazy (I hate you Arizona falls).  So many people tell me how annoying it is that everything looks good on me, but here is a strong case to show that is far from the truth...I just have become very good at buying clothes that fit my body type.  That is why this one had to be sent back!  
Status:  Sent Back | $48

3.  Renee C. Albertson Chambray Henley Blouse:  Waaaaaah!  Oh how I wanted to really love this piece.  The chambray material was so uber soft.  It is also a high-low top, which I really love to wear.  You can see in the left picture that I am wearing it as is and it looks a little too baggy.  So, I did my whole half tuck in the front to see if that took some of the bulk away. It did, but this piece still did not speak to me.  There are tabs on the sleeves so you can roll them up or leave them down at about a 3/4 length.  Also?  I wish it was one shade lighter as well.  I paired it with my dark blue skinnies (that I seriously need to get the length tailored on), a colorful scarf, and some heeled booties just as I saw in the style card.  It was just okay and that meant I needed to send it back for the price .  Darn it!  Again, the quality of this piece was exceptional though.
 Status:  Sent Back | $68

4.  Fiancee Wilam Zig-Zag Print Top:  This was the first piece I saw when I opened up my box and it seriously sang to me!  I should have known that meant this one would fit me so well.  Look at the fun print!  Can you say chevron?!  It is a navy and blue print with a neat little mini-capped sleeve. What I didn't get a picture of was the back and I wish I had because there is a neat little seam detail at the top of it and it has a high-low cut to it as well.  The material is similar to what the skirt was made of and it is very breathable.  I loooooooove it!!  I'm always looking for more patterned pieces to add to my wardrobe and this is a print that is NOT in my closet at all.  Score!  You can see how much more flattering it is to my body shape versus the other pieces I sent back above.  It was made for me I'd say.
Status:  Kept. | $44

5.  Collective Concepts Pascarelli Embellished Collar Blouse:  Boy oh boy did I ever want to love this top.  I have a THING for embellished collars and totally dig sporting them in the fall and winter on my button up blouses.  Not only that, but I really like the Peter Pan collar and the zipper detail in the back.  It is a chic and simple top with a pop.  You can see the beading has some green pops as well.  But, the length was a tad too short for me and my broader hips.  The price was a bit too steep for me as the top is a tiny bit plain (outside of the collar).  I tried to pair with a colored pair of heels to add some zing to it, but it just wasn't swaying me enough to keep it.  Then, I threw on my gray skinnies to see if that helped it stand can see it did, but that also showed how short it is.  Darn it!
Status:  Sent Back. | $68

Overall, I really did love my first Stitch Fix.  At first glance, I was in love with all of it and honestly thought I'd be in trouble when it came to deciding on just one or two items to keep.   The cost of my box surprised me a little since I opted for the least expensive items to be sent.  I do know another friend whose box only totaled up to $150 and mine was $214.50 (with the $20 credit and 25% off). I'm really hoping my next Fix is a lot less expensive.

I've already scheduled my next Fix for December 26th!  It will be a late Christmas gift to myself.

Visit Stitch Fix to complete your own style quiz and schedule your first Fix today!

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  How did you like your Fix?


  1. I've received 2 fixes, and I kept everything!

  2. Im surprised you didnt like the peter pan top I thought it looked super cute on you!

  3. AH! I loved that peter pan top on you too!!! But i kind of like keeping one means you can get another fix even sooner :) :) :) xo!

  4. Your right, at first glance, this box is AWESOME! It sucks when you really like something, but it doesn't fit right. I love the zig zag print top you kept though and the jacket looked great if it had fit better.

  5. I. WANT. THAT. ZIGZAG. TOP! So cute! I am obsessed with Stitch Fix too and I host a monthly linky for other bloggers to show off their new clothes from Stitch Fix. I would love for you to come link up!