Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wishin' and Hopin' - My Christmas Wish List

I remember when my little brother and I were kids and our mom would hand us the Sears catalog around this time of year.  She let us flip through the toy section and have a good ol' time dog-ear marking the pages or toys we were wishing for.  Somehow Santa also found these pages and knew what we wanted.  Those were the good ol' days weren't they?  Did anyone else "shop" for their wishlist like this when they were a kid?

Nowadays, I just swoon over the things I can't always afford but really want to get myself eventually. I'm a simple girl...I don't need designer clothes or shoes or even fancy jewelry.  But being a teacher doesn't exactly give me the luxury of buying everything I want and when I want it.  So, it's always fun to wish for those fun items around this time of year and hope that they will end up under the tree.  And if they don't?  Well, I just go out and try to buy them for myself the day after Christmas during those NICE sales!

**Whoops...I sort of went out and bought the knee-high riding boots today.  I couldn't pass up the sale and worry about them selling out in my size between now and Christmas.  So? early Christmas present to myself it is!  Oh and my mom mentioned she already got me the polish set I want.  Yeah!**

Here's what I'm wishing for this year...
1. CHECK!   The Twenty-Two - Formula X nail polish set at Sephora - $55
What can I say?  There's something about nail polish and painting my nails that makes me feel pampered and frankly, helps me relax.  Apparently, these new polishes are amazing and have one of the best formulas around.  Since I don't quite want to spend the $10.50 - $12.50 price for one bottle, this set of minis has all their main colors, textures, and finishes!  Nice!  I've already "cheated" and asked my mom to gift this one to me.

2.  Lorac PRO Palette - $42
I'm a major Urban Decay Naked Palette fan and have been coveting looks from mine the last 2 years. But this palette is all the rage on beauty blogs and with YT beauty gurus.  I like that the colors are still natural but there are a few with a nice neutral pop as well.  They are said to be very pigmented and buttery as well.  Here's hoping my hubby gets me this!

3.  CHECK! Mossimo Kayce Black Tall Boots with Studs - $39.99 (on sale now for $31.99)
My black boots I've had the last 2 years are going downhill.  Plus, these are seriously hot and worthy of replacing them.  Click on the link and check out the back of them.  Um hello?  Yes please!  Just in case...I wear a size 7 or a 7.5.  All I know is...if someone doesn't gift these to me this year, I will be going out and buying them.

4.  Mossimo Black Kody Studded Combat Boot - $39.99 (on sale now for $31.99)
You may have noticed these are on my fall wish list blog post.  I have my fox sweater and I found myself a nice black crossbody purse too, so this is the only item I haven't found yet.  But thankfully, I found these perfectly done boots.  Oh and again, I wear a size 7 or 7.5.  I have to make sure I am specific since I plan to send this to my family members.  :-)  A Target giftcard would do me just fine too.

5.  ASOS Heart Elbow Patch Sweater - $39.40
Basically, I've been pining over an elbow patch sweater for the last year.  And this one...with its heart-shaped patches is super cute.  Plus, it's favorite color!  Size 4 please.

6.  Amazon Kindle Books Giftcard - any amount
Now that I have a new (to me) iPad, I absolutely love reading books on my Kindle App more than through my nook.  It is so much easier to borrow books from my library through it now.  And since I have something like 500 books I want to read on my Goodreads list...I have a lot of reading to do!

7.  Baublebar Statement Necklaces (crystal or navy/plumeria) - $46-$48
Just another accessory I've been pining over for a couple years now.  You can find them everywhere nowadays.  Even though I love J.Crew's the most, I refuse to pay almost $100 for something that is really costume jewelry and not diamonds or pure gold.  Who doesn't want to add something so fun and colorful to their wardrobe?!

8.  Insomnia Cozy Plush Polka-Dot Robe - $24.99
Now that it is finally cooling down around here, I am starting to freeze a little with my tiny little lightweight robe.  It would be seriously nice to have something this cozy to wear around the house in the mornings and at night when I'm lounging.

9.  Bohemian Tribal Ear Cuff Chain on Etsy - $14
If you've seen Catching Fire, you may have noticed Joana wearing a cuff like this before the Quarter Quell.  Or maybe you didn't, because you were actually paying attention to the movie.  Not me!  I saw her wearing one like this (hers was a little longer) and immediately wanted one too.  Even better? Finding one on Etsy and supporting a home-grown designer.

Okay, so while I feel totally greedy and snarky having to write about my wish was still really fun to put it together.  And granted, I can actually send the link to it to my family members and hopefully make it much easier to help them decide...I wish all my family-members would send me something like this to make it easier for me to shop too.

How about you?  What are you wishing for?