Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gettin' My Fix with Stitch Fix {#3}

I love putting my Stitch Fix posts together for everyone almost as much as I enjoy looking at other people's fixes!  And it's that time again.  Let me know what you think of this month's fix.  And I've decided after this 3rd turn it into a monthly subscription.  P.S.  What I love about Stitch Fix is I can cancel or hold off on a month if I ever want to!  

My 3rd fix came about a week ago and I am finally getting some spare time (not really spare, when you are supposed to be writing lesson plans for the week) to put it together and show it everyone.  Here are my 1st and 2nd fixes in case you just found your way over to my little blog.  My awkward fashion show for one (technically 2, since my hubby takes all the pictures) was a bit rushed this time, so the pictures are sort of mish'll have to pardon the blurry pictures, weird poses, and faces! LOL

In case you've never heard of Stitch FIx, go ahead and check out these quick tidbits...

  • Sign up using this referral code and get yourself on the calendar.
  • Take a styling quiz so your stylist can see what you like, dislike, your body type, sizing, etc.
  • $20 styling fee (you don't pay it till your fix is put together) gets you a personalized box of 5 hand-picked items from tops to bottoms to necklaces to everything else you could imagine
  • Sign up for a monthly fix or whenever you'd like as often as you'd like, it isn't a subscription service...which is a PLUS!
  • Keep all 5 items and get 25% off your total and also get your $20 taken off the price
  • You have 3 days to try everything on and send it back in a pre-paid envelope
  • If you don't keep anything, your $20 is well...wasted. But there are ways to ensure your fix is right for you. (see first review or the pro-tips I give each time)
  • Feel pampered and like a bit of a celebrity as you try on items picked just for you!

First Look 

I liked the color I saw peeking at me from the box when I opened it.  But as I pulled each item out, I became increasingly uneasy.  Nothing really stood out to me, except the patterned blouse.  Sadly, this was my least favorite fix because it lacked uniqueness.  The prices were much more on point though, so I'm glad my stylist has figured that bit out about me.  I can't help it!  I'm used to shopping at Forever 21, JCPenneys, and Kohls.  

{Stitch Fix Pro Tip #2}

I really liked my stylist from my 2nd fix, so I really wanted to get him again.  Best way to do this, in case you fall in love with your stylist, write a quick note in your comment section on your style quiz. You can go in and edit this any time you want.  I also mentioned it in my return/keeps section just to make sure Brent would be my stylist again.  It works!

Look #1

41 Hawthorn Bixby Ladder Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse | $48

At first glance I really really loved the pattern and the color combo.  I am a sucker for navy.  Plus, it's my favorite!  Blouses!  Not to mention it is from my new Stitch Fix favorite brand, 41 Hawthorn

Okay, so.  I have a feeling some ladies will think this looked fantastic on me and some will agree with me and say it is too boxy.  I swear to you all out there, it photographed much better than it looked in person.  It was baggy, so I tucked it in (my favorite flattering way to fix any top) but the sleeves are meant to be straight and baggy.  Unfortunately, they can't be folded up either and they hit me in a weird spot on my arm.  For some reason, the neck line area looked weird in real life as gave me a sort of uniboob look.  Meh.  Even if it did look decent, I didn't want to keep it.  

Status:  Sent Back

Look #2

See?  This is one of those "deer in headlights" shots I mentioned earlier.  Whoops.

Kensie Benzer Mixed Material Sweater | $78

This picture is HUGE, but I wanted you to be able to see the buttons and the different materials.

I wanted to love this top because it was a thin but warm material with a sort of silk type peekaboo fake blouse hanging out at the hem.  But sadly, you can hopefully see how it is too baggy.  While I didn't need to be fitted, I certainly didn't like the way it didn't cling all around.  From the front, you can see it was pretty flattering.  But from the back, you could really tell how ill-fitting it was.  This was a size small and fit in my chest and was tight in the sleeves.  So, it was definitely meant to fit in this way around the midsection.  Not somethingI wanted to rock...but I loved the idea of it since it meant not having to wear a separate bulky lumpy blouse under the sweater.  Since I am a pear shape, I need tops to have some sort of a fit or be nipped in at my natural waist.  Oh well!  The $78 price tag was also a bit of a turn off for something that was too simple and ill-fitting.  

Status:  Sent Back

Look #3 and #4

Like the way I threw on textured tights so I wouldn't have to shave and lotion up my legs?  Whoops, I probably should not have announced that.  

41 Hawthorn Wrenn V-Neck Cap Sleeve Jersey Top | $48
and 41 Hawthorn Jordanne A-line Skirt | $68


These two items paired well together, but I felt like both together aged me like crazy.  The length of the skirt and the A-line cut were not flattering on me.  I also think it was the thick jersey-like material.  Even though the skirt has darts, it was not flattering from the back either...not sure why there isn't a picture of the back.  But if I recall, it might be because it was that bad and I didn't want to show that view off.  This top was short enough to have kept untucked, but it looked too sloppy.  So, instead I paired it with my black skinnies from my 2nd fix and it looked much better!  I thought of keeping the top, but the price made me think otherwise for how simple it was.  

Status:  Sent Back

Look #5

Mak Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan | $38

Thank goodness!  By the time I got to this piece, I was seriously wondering if I would have to settle for one of the other items in order not to lose my $20.  I used to wear cardigans a lot, but it gets so warm in my classroom that I don't wear any type of sweater material anymore unless the sleeves are shorter like this one.  I can see myself wearing this with a dress in the spring and I just love the color.  Surprisingly enough, I do not have anything in this shade in my closet.  Plus, I LOVE the way it looks with my new favorite jeans I got at the after-Christmas sale at American Eagle.  I've never liked shopping there since it's not my style...but they were having a half-off jeans sale and since their jeans are about normally $80, I wanted to take advantage!  Is it weird that I have basically lived in them the last month? They are so flattering!  I digress.  Anyway...

Status:  Kept

All in all, this was a fix I was not expecting.  My stylist, Brent, did such an awesome job last month. So, I was a bit surprised to find things that didn't seem to fit my body type well or lacked that sort of uniqueness I love about Stitch Fix.  But, I really emphasized how I wanted the items sent to me to be more inexpensive than previously and I really think he tried hard to do that for me.  It seems you forego the unique bits for the more inexpensive items.  Although, I don't know this for was just something I was wondering.  

I still requested Brent for my next fix and will give him another shot!  Not only that, but I decided to start getting my fixes monthly and so we shall see how that works out.  I may be canceling my POPSUGAR Must Have box since I would much rather get clothes for about the same cost.  

Oh!  I did indicate I'd like him to visit my Pinterest board because I've been updating it and pinning things with notes just for him.  I decided I'd like him to try and find a top to go with my new boots I bought myself after Christmas.  

Here's hoping he finds something I love and can afford!  

Have you received a fix from Stitch Fix?  What kind of items have you received?  Leave a comment and include a link to your posts so I can partake in your fashion shows too.  It's just as much fun to see others' fixes as it is to play with mine.