Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gettin' My Fix with Stitch Fix {#2}

Last month, I got my first fix from Stitch Fix and I seriously enjoyed opening up that box and seeing which 5 items the stylist put together for me.  It was something I just thought I would try and hopefully like...but once I got that first box and tried everything on in my awkward party-of-1 fashion show here , I was definitely addicted and HAD to try it again to see if it could get better!  I am happy to say, it did!  This 2nd fix was even better than the first...I had to sadly send back 2 items that I really wanted to keep...but a las, I wanted to use that money to go shopping with my mom (our annual tradition) the day after Christmas.

If you are reading this and wondering what exactly this lady talking about (that's me!), feel free to click your way over to my first review and check out my little run-down on the amazingness of Stitch Fix.

Or check out these quick tidbits...

  • Sign up using this referral code and get yourself on the calendar.
  • Take a styling quiz so your stylist can see what you like, dislike, your body type, sizing, etc.
  • $20 styling fee (you don't pay it till your fix is put together) gets you a personalized box of 5 hand-picked items from tops to bottoms to necklaces to everything else you could imagine
  • Sign up for a monthly fix or whenever you'd like as often as you'd like, it isn't a subscription service...which is a PLUS!
  • Keep all 5 items and get 25% off your total and also get your $20 taken off the price
  • You have 3 days to try everything on and send it back in a pre-paid envelope
  • If you don't keep anything, your $20 is well...wasted. But there are ways to ensure your fix is right for you. (see first review or below about my Pinterest tips
  • Feel pampered and like a bit of a celebrity as you try on items picked just for you!

First Look

Look at those patterns!  This time I got a dress and a pair of pants instead of all tops. 

When I gave them feedback from my first Stitch Fix, I asked that they send more winter-related items that I could wear to work and out afterwards as well and to keep including unique patterns. While I was hoping to see a sweater in the mix, I was still pretty happy with what came.  I'd say they listened pretty well no?  

{Stitch Fix Tip}

I highly, highly, highly recommend putting together a Pinterest board (title it My Stitch Fix Style or something along those lines).  You'll be set to go!...because your stylist will actually take a look at it, as long as you provide a link to your Pinterest account in the quiz.  Pin fashion icons or people you look to for inspiration (mine being Lauren Conrad). In your pin descriptions, write up a short quick bit on why you like the picture or what it is that you would wear in that pin. 

And here is my fashion show this time around!  It was so much nicer having my hubby take the pictures.

Look #1

41 Hawthorn Dominic Brick Print Shirtdress:
Waaaaaaaah!  This is one of the items I had to send back for cost purposes.  I am super sad because I really did love this on.  I don't really own a shirtdress and I loved the pattern of it as well as the navy color.  The dress had some nice details such as the tabs on the shoulders and the thick band at the hem as well. Sigh. Either I was going to keep the jeans (see below) or this dress.  Since the jeans were something I had been looking for for 2 years, I went with those instead.  I'm secretly hoping my stylist sends this back to me for my 3rd fix that I already scheduled for the end of January.  Let me stop thinking about the painful reminder that this isn't hanging in my closet.  So...I paired this with textured tights and my knee-high black boots as well as my off-white statement necklace.  It could easily be worn in the summer as well because it is lightweight. Darn it! Strangely, both my mom (who came in shortly after my fashion show after driving over from California) and hubby didn't quite like it on me.  They thought it looked big, which I disagree on since it is a shirtdress and is supposed to be a little less fitted.  Oh well.

Status:  Sent Back (against my will) | $78

Look #2

41 Hawthorn Selfridge Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Top:
I was up in the air with this top.  The texture and weight of it is very light yet warm at the same time.  It has a sort of sweater feel to it, yet a really light sort of jersey feel as well.  This top itself can be dressed up (mostly) or down.  When I unfolded this top after opening my box, I immediately thought how opposite of my style it truly is.  What I loved is how flattering it was on my upper body (wink wink).  I chose to style it with my mint jeans because I sadly do not have peach jeans (shorts yes, but not jeans) as you can see in the styling card.  The first set of flats I paired it with didn't look so hot, but I loved it with my nude heels!  My hubby deemed this top his favorite out of everything, but I thought it made me look older in a way.  BUT!  I would have kept this if I could have afforded to keep all 5 items and get my 25% off. Unfortunately, I could only afford to keep 2-3 items from this box.  

Status:  Sent Back | $48

Look #3

41 Hawthorn Filbert Polka Dot Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse:
Can you see the seriously unique sleeves on this blouse?  At first I thought they were folded up and I'd have to fix them before I put it on.  Those sleeves are the reason why I will keep getting fixes from Stitch Fix!  Plus, I have an addiction to blouses and polka dots (stripes too).  Oh, that and I need more navy in my really!  There is a ton of black and even brown in my closet. other words...this was a match made in heaven.  Well done to my stylist Brent!  I fell in love with this blouse as soon as I slipped it over my head, saw the sleeves, and then saw how it flattered me completely.  It has a seam on the bottom that makes it easy to wear untucked but it looks fantastic tucked in as well.  I wore this, tucked in with the nude heels, on Christmas Day at home and my hubby's parents' house and then later on when we went on our traditional movie watching outing, I untucked it and paired it with my black knee-high riding boots (not seen here...I didn't think to take a picture, stupid me!).  I was so comfortable in it all day!  Score a HUGE point for my stylist Brent.  Did I already say that?  Heh heh.

Status:  Kept | $58

Look #3 and #4


Mavi Freida Skinny Jean:
Hello skinny black jeans!  Where have you been these last 2 years?  I have searched high and low for a pair that I like.  I've tried on many pairs, and I even bought several pairs because I was desperate.  The pairs I do own are not comfortable or don't truly fit well.  But THIS, this pair are comfortable (soooooooooo darn soft), look fantastic, and fit perfectly!  The pricetag was really high on them as well, so I knew the quality was going to be superb.  I'm used to buying my jeans at Old Navy or Target.  Thanks again Brent!  

Status:  Kept | $98

41 Hawthorn Corinna Striped Dolman Top:
Sigh.  I had a love hate relationship with this top.  It had that winter feel to it because of the material. This was the other item I sort of wondered about when I unfolded it and noticed the sleeves.  Don't get me wrong, I looooooove the color and the stripes.  But the Dolman sleeves are something I do NOT gravitate towards because they are uncomfortable and not exactly flattering.  You can see in the trio picture it does NOT flatter me when it is untucked.  So, I did my favorite lazy/half tuck and it worked like magic.  I love how this type of tuck can take a top from icky to superb just like that.  Yet, when I raised my arms, you could see that it adds width where I don't want width to be added.  Maybe if I was a little more curvy up top it would have been more flattering.  Along with the gray cowl neck top, if this one had been more versatile (tucked or untucked), I would have kept the entire fix to get that 25% off!  

Status:  Sent Back | $48

For curious minds, this is what you get with your fix along with the styling cards and all the other goodies they pack in.  It seems I might be quite a fan and made well for 41 Hawthorn clothing items.  I think one of my other items in my first fix was a 41 Hawthorn piece.  Either way, I'm hoping to see more in my 3rd fix, which I scheduled for the end of January.  I also hope Brent is my stylist again because he definitely knows my style and wants.  But again, like my first fix, I'd like to see more inexpensive items because I have seen them in my friends' boxes, so I know it is possible.  It would also be great to see a sweater AND that shirt dress in my box in January.  

Are you read to try out Stitch Fix?  You can click on my referral link here and I do get a $25 credit, which is one of the reasons I can keep up with getting basically?  I'll love you forever!   But I also really enjoy seeing and hearing from those of you who do click on my referral link so I can see and hear all about your experience.  It's like going to the mall with friends and having a great time in the fitting room.  And please...enjoy it!  

Have you received a fix from Stitch Fix?  What kind of items have you received?  Leave a comment and include a link to your posts so I can partake in your fashion shows too.  It's just as much fun to see others' fixes as it is to play with mine.