Friday, November 8, 2013

Just Call Me Super-Teacher! AKA Self-Diagnosed Adult Onset ADD

I've had a couple people call me a super-teacher lately.  But I guess I don't see it that way.  I just have a lot of interests and I am a perfectionist, so I do my very hardest to become the best I can be.

So, yes, a lot of my newer friends got a little surprise this week when I started posting sneak peeks of a photo session from this past weekend.  You see, I had a photography business for a little while. Really.  I was legit and everything!  But teaching truly is my life and that is something I could not leave in the dust.  Plus, I am not a great salesperson, I've just never been able to put myself out there...maybe because I don't like pressuring people or maybe because I feel like things should speak for themselves.  There is WAY too much competition out there and I couldn't do it all alongside teaching.  So, my photography business...aptly and proudly called Carrie Garrison Photography fell to the wayside.  I wish I could lead you to my old site and blog where I had all sorts of awesome looking portfolios and blog posts...but that was taken down over 2 years ago.

But, recently I decided I would love to still be able to shoot photos of my friends who truly wanted me to capture those unique moments I so loved and cared for when I was "doing the business".  In fact, my business tagline that my branding designer and I came up with was, "Unique Moments Captured."  It was what I was known for.  I loved it!  If you also know me well enough, you'll know why my brand and my logo look the way they do.  What's awesome?  I still have all of it (even my old headshots)!  Maybe I'll throw up some blog posts of my old photo sessions here and there just to relive it all and to show it all off to a whole new audience.

Without further ado, I give you my favorite shots from last weekend's engagement session I shot for my friend Darci and her fiance, Patrick.  We headed out to the White Tanks Mountains in the west valley here in Arizona.  It is a seriously beautiful park and area out here with lots of hiking trails and scenery to behold.  Darci and Patrick have a shared love for country music and are from Minnesota.  So, I chose this setting to depict their home here in Arizona (since their friends and family think of them as cactus folk now) and the beautiful couple provided the country feel!  Don't you think Darci has a total Miranda Lambert vibe going on?  These two are getting ready for their big day in March.  Congratulations friends!!!

The bug has bit me again and I'm ready to take some more shots!  Next up is photographing a super cute family that I work with in my district.