Monday, September 16, 2013

Ipsy Glambag "Classic Beauty" | September 2013

Okay, so I'm a bit of a makeup hoarder, errrrr, collector, I mean, user.  But I'm also a fan of trying out beauty subscriptions.  I've been subscribed to Ipsy for almost 2 years now and haven't looked back.  I used to be a Glossybox subscriber for over a year, but theirs was just not living up to the price tag and I wasn't digging enough of what they were sending me, even though the boxes were fun and I would get a pretty nice item I ended up purchasing more of every so often.

If you're new to the whole beauty subscription world, Ipsy is a $10 monthly subscription service in which you receive a variety of beauty and makeup deluxe samples and even full-size items each month. You actually get 5 items per month, which is a pretty darn good deal for $10!  They send you items based on a style quiz you take on their site.  The difference between Ipsy and Birchbox (which is also a $10 service) is Ipsy matches up the products you get to what you like and their items are always bigger...many of my friends have cancelled Birchbox because they send repeats and foil packets rather than deluxe samples.  But that is just my opinion and insight.  Ipsy also does way more makeup than Birchbox does and that is a HUGE plus for me.  Oh and they send them in specialized makeup bags every month, rather than boxes.

Anyway!  While this month was not my favorite by far, I still liked my items more than I ever did with my Glossybox boxes.  The theme this month was "Classic Beauty" and my items were definitely toned down colors, so I went back in to my "room" and changed my settings because even though classic is my style and preference, I want them to send me more adventurous items.  Let's hope it works for next month!
I try not to look at the website before I get my bag, because they do show you what you will be receiving according to your quiz.

Little screenshot from my "Glam Room"
In my bag this month:

We also got a bonus item this month of a new set of palettes coming from the founder of Ipsy.  It's a very small sample though.  I do love the colors I got, so we shall see what the quality is like and how the colors work out.  As long as they are buttery and have color pay-off, I'll like them.

From left to right:

Elizabeth Mott It's so Big Mascara (sample) | Full size at 10ml for $19.99
I'm too happy with my drugstore mascara to ever enjoy the teeny tiny samples they send me.  The brushes are so hard to use and I find they tend to be gloppy.  Although, each time I've pulled the wand out of this sample, this seems to be one of those formulas that has those this might be worth a little shot.  I don't love the larger price tag.  I used to use Laura Mercier and Benefit mascaras that were expensive, yet my $2.99 Jordana mascara works just as well!

Starlooks Kohl Eye Pencil in Obsidian (full size) | $12.00
I am really tired of getting black eyeliners in almost all my bags this past year.  It's the reason I went in and retook my quiz today.  Perhaps if they sent more vibrant or trendy colors, I'd be more willing to try it.  But again, I'm too happy with my black liquid liner that I use everyday to try one of the many different liners they keep sending in the same color.

NYX Single Eyeshadow in Sparkle White (full size) | $4.50
I love that Ipsy sends NYX products often.  They have ever since I started subscribing, which is basically since they came on the scene.  Their lipsticks, butter glosses, liners, and eyeshadows are all great.  While I need more eyeshadows like I need more holes in my head, I always embrace them!  NYX shadows are that fantastic buttery and colorful type that work so well for a higher-end drugstore brand.   I will probably only use this as a highlighter, but would have rather had one of the other shades I saw so many other online subbies get.  Waaaaaah!

John Freida full REPAIR shampoo and conditioner (deluxe sample size) | Full size at 8.45 fl. oz for $6.59 each
Ugh.  I am so picky about my shampoo and conditioner these days because I finally found one that doesn't wash out my hair tint that my stylist uses.  It's an expensive one, but I of course got them during Beauty Brand's liter sale.  I digress.  So, I tend not to like trying samples out.  But I'll give this set a go since my hair is due for a color job soon and this won't affect the color much at this point.  It claims to help out hair that has been overworked by heating and styling.  Sounds like something I could use!

from left to right:  NYX shadow, Starlooks kohl eyeliner, Elizabeth Mott mascara, full REPAIR conditioner, and full REPAIR shampoo

See how utterly boring and underwhelming my bag was this month?!  Sigh.  Funny that my first review I decide to put on my blog...even though I used to do them on my old Tumblr...has to be this plain vanilla bag.  My friend got a super fiery tinted red balm and some people got this awesome wine colored Butter London polish. See?!  Waaaaah!  

I promise, I usually am way more in love with my bags than this and they usually are quite fun.  Oh well.  Next month. 

If you'd like to subscribe for $10 a month and get the latest and greatest in makeup and beauty, join up!

Do you subscribe to any monthly services?  What do you think of the products I received?  Have you tried any of them and have any insight for me?