Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hilarity Ensues...I Discovered a New App!

Have you heard of the smartphone app called Speech Jammer?!  Well, if not...keep reading, because it is one of the most entertaining apps I have downloaded in a long time.

What is it?  Basically, it jams your speech.  And what ensues is listening to someone who talks at a normal speed and intonation on any given day to someone who can't seem to form words, drags out the syllables, and just sounds plain silly!

Images from the Apple App store
My hubby and I just had the best time and hurt our stomachs from laughing so hard at each other.  At first, we used one of my young adult books to try the app out.  But it was too easy to read.  So, my hubby pulled out one of his Biology textbooks with tons of long scientific words.

Since this is probably the first time most of my readers have ever heard me talk, I shall give a little PSA. I recorded myself reading the paragraph without Speech Jammer, just so you could hear the insane difference.  Initially, I had a hard time not getting my speech jammed up because I was reading slowly so I wouldn't mess up.  But it's not fun if you work too hard against it.

First up...
Here is the audio recording of me reading a paragraph out of my husband's Biology textbook.  I promise you, I am a fantastic reader who doesn't normally sound like a robot.  What's even funnier?  I seemed to have developed a weird accent as I was trying my hardest to read through the words.  Gah!  (sorry for the throat clearing)

And proof that I can read pretty darn well! I read the same paragraph.

For an extra laugh...this is of my husband reading his own textbook.  He will tell anyone that he is not a fantastic reader, but he almost does better than me.

What do you think?  I hope you at least got a decent laugh out of this.  Try it out for yourself.  It's free and seems to be available for all smartphones!  We plan on forcing house guests to do this so we can have a good laugh.