Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reality TV Junkie Confession

Am I ashamed to admit that I am a reality TV junkie?  Nope!  I am certainly not a Kardashians fan or a Jersey Shore fan don't get it twisted.  But I am however, a GIGANTIC fan of The Hills and Lauren Conrad.  In fact, Lauren Conrad is my #1 girl crush!  Yep!  I said it.  Hear me out.

She is a style icon for me.  Classic.  Sleek.  Beautiful.  Fashionable.  I love her!!  Let me prove it.

A page from her Style could you not obsess over this beauty?!
Several years back, my friend Ella and I drove out to an Indie bookstore when I found out online that Lauren Conrad was coming to Phoenix for a book signing.  I wish I had a picture of me with her, but we weren't allowed to stop atnd take a picture when she was signing our book.  Sad face!

I am ridiculous! When it was my turn to come up to the table to get my copy of Sugar and Spice signed by Lauren, she looked me straight in the eye, said hello, asked me how I was which I WAS able to say hello back.  But...when she looked at me and told me she loved my necklace, I froze and couldn't think of what to say back, except thank you.  Even then, I stammered that out.  How embarrassing!  She was so gorgeous in person (could have done without the crazy pound of makeup on though...figure that's a public appearance thing).  Sigh.

My autographed copy of Sugar and Spice
If I were to tell you how many times I have watched all of The Hills episodes, you may have a laughing fit.  And...that's fine.  I seriously have no shame!  It's just one of those shows I have an obsession with. It bites that it is not on anymore.  MTV has been showing all the episodes back-to-back this summer and of course, I am watching them (they were on last summer and I watched all of them then too).  My husband makes fun of me and shakes his head when he walks in the room.  But he knows the channel isn't getting changed anytime soon.  Who doesn't love also seeing all the beautiful views of Los Angeles and Hollywood as well? another confession!  When my husband and I went to Los Angeles to be tourists (kind of weird to do after growing up in San Diego) a couple years ago, I looked up several of the restaurants they went to on the show and we ate at them.  They were all delicious places too, so don't hate!  And as we were driving back to the airport, we drove around to find the Teen Vogue building, People's Revolution, and Bolthouse.  Just know that we also stopped at LA Ink (High Voltage) and a few other places from other favorite shows...since I'm an all around reality TV junkie and don't discriminate (except against the Kardashians and Snooky).

But I still get my fix of Lauren Conrad through her books, website, and wearing her gorgeous affordable clothes from Kohls!  Every piece I have bought has gained many many many compliments every single time I wear them.  I may own 3 different pairs of her shorts, a tuxedo jacket (favorite!), super nice blouse (okay, this is almost my favorite), flowery tanks, a dress, denim vest, white pants, sweaters, and a seriously awesome pair of platform sandals.
LC Lauren Conrad dress and super duper awesome platform sandals
That favorite floral tuxedo jacket I mentioned....loooooove it so very much!
One more of my favorite tuxedo action
So, have I proved my point that I'm a super fan?  This goes beyond just loving her on the show. I look to her for fashion inspiration over and over again.  The best part is being able to buy clothing she designs for that classic look that I love.  Oh and this may have happened a couple months ago...

It took me forever (months and months) to find a similar sweater to Lauren Conrad's that I loved.
#1 Girl Crush.  I mean look at her!  Classic!  (another image from her Style book)
Have you met a celebrity you have a crush on or obsess over? What reality TV shows are you addicted to (and even watch reruns of)?