Saturday, July 20, 2013

On a Teacher's Deserted Island...

It's time for my first link-up!  She over at Sprinkle Teaching Magic just posted about some of her celebrity Teachers Pay Teachers members and I wanted to follow suit...since I have quite a few that I'm awestruck by.  You can watch her YouTube video about her favorites and her answer to the question, If you were stranded on a deserted classroom island and could only teach with one TPT teacher's curriculum, who would it be and why?
This question totally isn't fair for me right now!  I discovered Young Teacher Love (AKA Miss Nannini) this summer and am starstruck, if you will.  So, I'm going to cheat a little for this one.

1) Teaching in Room 6
She has some of the most amazing materials that can completely change your math instruction and student achievement!  The biggest and most favorite item in her shop is by far her Calendar Math for 5th grade (she also makes it for other grades, so check her store out).

In fact, she just finished an all-in-one product that makes Calendar Math even more user-friendly and set for your's 300 pages!!!  I plan to purchase this one soon (come on pay day!) and cannot wait to better implement this spiraled AND scaffolded program in my classroom this year.  Last year, it sort of fizzled out due to some confusion on my part and plain insanity.
I also just purchased her spiral homework pack for the entire year (this is another product that she makes for multiple grade levels) and am truly appreciative of having something I do not have to make I did in the past years with my fellow teammates.  I look forward to having something extremely CCSS based and balanced for my student and families.  I was lucky enough to win a $50 TPT gift card from Sprinkle Teaching Magic and this is what I bought with it (along with a few other goodies that had been on my wish list...but I'll get to that next).

2)  Miss Nannini

And here is the new store I discovered earlier this summer when I was reading one of my favorite teacher blogs.  I found Young Teacher Love through a linky party and it was love at first sight.  Since I discovered Ms. Nannini's blog, she has exposed me to The Dream Class book as well as her Procedures checklist.  And most importantly, this teacher is an expert on CCSS and has created some of the most in depth and incredible classroom resources for multiple grades...all based on what she needed and used in her classroom this past school year.  If you haven't already bought them or added them to your TPT wish list, then you are missing out!

The first item below are CCSS based assessments that teachers can use as often as they wish.  They coincide well with the 2nd product I am posting from her store as well.  I am in awe of how in depth she went into with both these items (for both Math and ELA).  Both are available for such inexpensive prices as well.
Miss Nannini also makes this for ELA CCSS

Miss Nannini has put together CCSS checklists and more in this product in order to allow students to keep track of their progress and goals as well as reflect on their learning multiple ways.  I found this when I was searching for a new and improved way to implement data binders in my classroom.  There are a ton of these CCSS checklist systems on TPT, but this one is the most student-friendly (and teacher-friendly) that I have found.  I especially love the rubric/scale posters she includes to allow students to label their learning for you and themselves.  Check it out!
This is also available for Math CCSS
I could go on and on about several other of Miss Nannini's products, but these are two of the most essential items I would take with me to the deserted island.

There you have it...evidence as to why it would be way too hard for me to choose just one store to take with me to the deserted island.  I don't think I could have one without the other...after all, the reflection and assessment piece goes hand-in-hand with the Calendar Math.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

If you'd like to participate in She's linky party, you can link up to it here.  She has 3 questions you can blog about, in case you'd like to blog about your own store or a product you have had major success with in your own classroom.


  1. Love this post! Thank you for linking up and so very glad you have a blog. Your writing style is very engaging. Both those TPT teachers are favs of mine as well. I haven't tried the calendar math but will for sure check it out. I want to implement her greek and latin root program this year. When I taught in the Bay Area, my school district was cutting-edge in Common Core. Now I am teaching at a school where they JUST started talking about Common Core a little this year! What?!?!?! I feel like I am in the dark ages. Uggg! See, this is what happens when you move with your boyfriend to wine country farmland! I guess the wine helps ; )


    1. Thanks so much She! I have blogged here and there over the years and had a pretty decent one going for awhile. Then, I deleted it to use it for my pseudo photography business...really wish I hadn't done that now. But oh well! I even tried Tumblr last summer but hated the format. Anyway, now that I've established a really good blog for my students and parents and am done with Boards (we shall see what November holds), I really wanted to get back to it. I have had a lot of posts running through my mind but wanted to make it a pretty place first. :-) Once school starts back up, my classroom blog will back to running to if you're interested in that one:

    2. I didn't see this reply until I popped over to your blog today. I wonder why I didn't get an email? Photography! I have dabbled here and there in photography as well. At one point I had a tiny side business. My one paid gig was a first birthday party. SO FUN! I most certainly want to check out your class blog. I tried doing a blog with my second graders one year and it petered out a month in. Curious to see your blog and get some tips. Young Teacher Love commented on your blog!!!! Lucky!!!!! You have made it big ; )

  2. Oh my goodness Carrie! This is one of the nicest things I have EVER read!! You made my night girl! THANK YOU!!!! I am so glad you have found some use for some of things I have created. It makes me so happy to know that I am helping out my fellow teachers in some small way. I appreciate all of the wonderful things you mentioned in your blog post. Thank you again! :)

    Young Teacher Love Blog

    1. You're very welcome! I am excited to see how they evolve and work out in my classroom. Thank you again for answering all my annoying questions on TPT and helping out. The Dream Class was definitely a game changing book, so thanks for the recommendation!