Friday, January 3, 2014

Teachers of Instagram

Seeing as how I am an Instagram addict, I really wanted to link up with Kickin' It In Kindergarten to look back at some of my favorite Instagram pictures from 2013.  She asked linker uppers to pick 3, but I have quite a few that really stand out as mementos of an action-packed year.  Or perhaps I'll pick 3 categories and throw in the pics I loved most from those categories?  See?  I told you I am addicted to Instagram!!

Tubac, Arizona Working Retreats

These 6 shots are all from 2 weekends I spent away from home and work to do some hard core work on my National Boards entries and lessons.  Tubac, Arizona is in southern Arizona and is beautiful!  The Tubac Resort was one of those places that scream serenity.  Can you see how awesome my resort room was...and I had it all to myself!  I woke up one morning to rain on the skylights and was able to sit and read my book in front of the fireplace before I had to work for 8.5 hours straight on Boards.  There are so many pictures I took from these 2 weekends that hold all sorts of interesting moments and memories.

National Boards Journey

I documented my entire 2-year journey, so there are a ton of Instagram shots!  Basically, almost half of them have to do with my view...whether it was out a window, across a table, or staring at a computer.  

Friendliest Friend Moments

I love my friends!  I love that we have crazy and random moments together.  Thankfully, they play along with me and I was able to capture much of it on Instagram.  I noticed towards the end of the year, I wasn't capturing as many that is something I want to make sure doesn't happen.  

Join in on the Instagram linky party with all the other teachers on Instagram and share your favorite 3 pictures (or in my case, 3 categories).  What can I say?...I'm indecisive.