Friday, January 31, 2014

Currently February

How is it that January seemed to go by sooooooooo slowly, yet February is already here?!  It's my birthday month, meaning I won't even mention how old I will be, and that also means things like parent conferences are around the corner as well as state testing.  Here is my link up with Farley for this month.


Our cats are hanging out on the couch with us as we unwind from the week.  They are snoring up a storm and quite LOUDLY.  And yes, I'm a reality TV junkie and even though I tell myself I will stop watching Real World, I always seem to watch it anyway...because it is there to watch.  When nothing else is on, then it keeps me company.  Although, the San Francisco season on right now is quite the trainwreck.  Trainwreck.


I also scored myself the signature color, Over and Over-A-Gwen, from OPI's Gwen Stefani collection the other day via Amazon.  It's the little things that seem to make me excited these days and I can't stop playing with and looking at this gorgeous red bottle.  It also came with studs and Swarovski crystals. Score!!

And we were supposed to get in the 80s here by today and I am sooooooooo happy to have woken up to cloudy and overcast skies, a nice cool 60 degrees, and a cold breeze instead.  The winters here are lousy and most people who live here want to have a true break from heat.  But we have only had true cool temps for about a month.  It's been jumping up into the 70s and 80s the last week and I'm irritated!


See the above.  'Nuff said.


I seem to want fruity (not chocolate) candy like a crazy person lately.  There isn't any in the house, which is a good thing. But that doesn't mean I don't want it!


I already have a sub secured, but the thought of having to put together 3 days in a row of sub plans is stressing me out.  My team is deconstructing on Wednesday (on campus) and then I have my first Gifted conference on Thursday and Friday.  But the sub plans are definitely daunting.  Who wants to do them for me?!

2 Truths and a Fib:

I'm falling back on my typical answers to this one.  It's too late at night for me to think of some new ones.  

YEP - I have visited 12 countries...England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Netherlands, Mexico.  Aaaaaand, I totally can't think of the last one.  Maybe I need to go to bed.

YEP - I grew up in San Diego and the community I lived in was a quick 10-minute drive from the beach.  We were also only about 30 minutes from the mountains and desert.  I definitely miss living in California.  BIG TIME!

NOPE - Not tap and jazz.  But I actually danced hula from the time I was 5 to 19 and I also danced tahitian from about 9 to 19.