Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fabletics {My New Obsession for Workout Gear}

Okay, so I just HAVE to share my newest discovery!

Perhaps you've heard of JustFab shoes?  Well...Fabletics is their version of a monthly membership for workout clothes co-founded by Kate Hudson!  If you're like me, you truly love wearing workout clothes that are comfortable but make you look good too. After all, we all like going to the gym or working out to feel better...so looking good helps us feel even greater right?!  Fabletics gives me all of this!

It is a lot like Stitch Fix if you've seen my other blog posts about my monthly fashion fixes.  You get to take a style quiz to let them know what kind of workouts you prefer, where you work out, and what you like to show off (legs, arms, stomach, etc.).  I myself am looking for more yoga gear, so I filled my quiz out to accommodate my own needs.  You also include your measurements so they take the guess work right out of deciding which sizes to choose once you pick outfits or pieces.  Easy peesy!!

Most of my workout clothes are from Target's active wear line and it is great for Zumba and all, but they don't have much of a selection.  It is good quality and I do like the way their fitted capris feel.  But somehow Fabletics provides so much more!

Kate co-founded Fabletics because she wanted to have well-designed and nice workout clothes to take her from the gym, to pick up her son from school, and run errands.  Thank yoooooooooou Kate!!

Once you take the quiz, their stylists put together their outfit picks for you to match your wants and needs.  Your first 2-3 piece outfit is 50% off so you can get an entire set for $25!  Or you can pick separates.  I decided to pick a 3-piece since it would mean more for my initial $25 VIP membership price.  I chose...

Failli (3 pieces)

This is actually regularly $59.95 as a VIP...so it was quite the deal!  I had been looking for a pair of capris almost exactly like this and a longer-sleeved top to wear to the gym when it is cold out or when I first walk in, so it was pretty nifty to also get a sports bra all wrapped up in a well-thought out outfit.

Here is what the three pieces look like on. Even sitting down in seated pose, these capris moved easily and weren't pulling against my knees or hip flexor area.  There is also a seam running above the rear-end, making them ultra-flattering as well.  I really love the sports bra because of the fun strap design. But it is uber comfortable and also quite flattering for a light-support sports bra.  Perfect for yoga!!

I am definitely hooked!  The Fabletics stylists put together looks for you on the first of each month. Yet, you don't have to buy what they pick for you. They show you other pieces outside of the personalized picks as well.  You have until the 5th to either decline or purchase an outfit or separate pieces...as much or as little as you'd like with no obligation. No matter what, as a VIP member, you get a discount even on separate pieces.

Sadly, I wasn't paying attention and ordered a medium pair of capris instead of small. But their return/exchanges are super easy. They send you the prepaid label via email and put the size you need (if exchanging and if it is still available) on hold to send to you once they get the return.  Thank goodness! Great service, user-friendly, and absolutely wonderful items to buy?!  Say nothing more...this is why I am obsessed.

If you're interested, click HERE!  If you refer friends to sign up you also can earn reward points towards free outfits.  Plus?  If you review your pieces, you get points as well.  It's worth it no matter what.  And believe me...I am not just blogging about this to gain referral points.  I am THAT impressed with the selection, quality, and fit of my first outfit!  And please...if you sign up, post it on your own blog, Facebook, or Instagram and tag me/message me.  I would absolutely love to see what you choose!