Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gettin' My Fix with Stitch Fix {#4} - In Need Of Your Opinion...

It's that time again!  And...what a nice treat!  I went out of town for a quick trip and when I came back, my Stitch Fix box was waiting for me.  It was like going to the mall without having to drive all that way after a long drive home.  I chose to have Brent as my stylist again...which is something you can choose to do if you really like what your stylist is sending to you.  He chose my 2nd and 3rd fixes.  

So, just in case you just found your way over to my little blog, here are my first 3 fixes for your viewing pleasure.

In case you've never heard of Stitch FIx, go ahead and check out these quick tidbits...
  • Sign up using this referral code and get yourself on the calendar.
  • Take a styling quiz so your stylist can see what you like, dislike, your body type, sizing, etc.
  • $20 styling fee (you don't pay it till your fix is put together) gets you a personalized box of 5 hand-picked items from tops to bottoms to necklaces to everything else you could imagine
  • Sign up for a monthly fix or whenever you'd like as often as you'd like, it isn't a subscription service...which is a PLUS!
  • Keep all 5 items and get 25% off your total and also get your $20 taken off the price
  • You have 3 days to try everything on and send it back in a pre-paid envelope
  • If you don't keep anything, your $20 is well...wasted. But there are ways to ensure your fix is right for you. (see first review or the pro-tips I give each time)
  • Feel pampered and like a bit of a celebrity as you try on items picked just for you!

First Look

I absolutely loved how they tied up my little bundle of 5 items with the belt from a dress that came in my fix.  It was a nice little touch.  And, thankfully I saw those bits of color and character that I dug in my first 2 fixes.  In fact, Brent apologized for my last fix (he told me how everything had been picked over by stylists at the beginning of the month from the holidays)...I like how he is getting to know my style and flair each and every time.  This of course brings me to my next point:

{Stitch Fix Pro Tip #3}

Back to Pinterest again...make sure you let your stylist know that you are keeping your board updated.  I had added some items since my first fix and I don't think my stylist knew.  So, I mentioned in my comments that he should take a look.  He saw a pattern in things I had posted and sent an item or two according to what he noticed.

Look #1

THML Tiller Sailboat Sweater | $68

Okay, so I wasn't exactly a fan of this sweater.  But Brent really did try to match up with what he knew about my wants!

My stylist mentioned he had seen I was obsessed with logo sweaters, via Pinterest, so he picked this new to the Stitch Fix collection sweater.

Can you tell by my first picture...I don't exactly dig the sailboat.  The sweater itself is a nice lightweight casual top and I totally would have kept it, had it not been for the sailboat.  It's just not me.  Dare I say it reminds me a bit too much of my midwest friends that I pick on a tiny bit for wearing their boat shoes and boat jackets while they are living in the desert now.  It's all in good fun, believe me...but this just doesn't fit my personality.  At first, I figured I would keep it since the other 4 items looked to be keepers for me.  More on that below.

Status:  Sent Back

Look #2

C.Luce Ashton Bejeweled Neckline Short Sleeve Top | $48

I really need to teach my hubby (as sweet as he is for taking these pictures for me) how to take focused pictures.  Please pardon the blurriness you see in some of them.

When I saw this top at the top of my stack, it reminded me a lot of the similar top I got in my first fix HERE.  I had high hopes this one would fit me much better.  And it did!  

The length was perfect, it has darts at the chest, and I like the cut of the collar much much more.  It also has a texture to the material itself.  You can't really see that here, but if you look at my first impression picture you can spot it.  This is the type of top I wouldn't have tried on in a store because it looks boxy. Thank you to Stitch Fix for getting me to try on something different!  Following the styling cards included in my box, I tried it with my red heels and a black pair of skinnies (from my 2nd fix) and then a dark pair of blue skinnies and black flats.  I only wish it was in a lighter color or something brighter.  I'm thinking that is something I am going to indicate in my comments this time around...especially since spring is around the corner.

Status:  Kept

Look #3

Papermoon Jerrod Textured Striped Pencil Skirt | $48

In case you hadn't guessed...the pencil skirt was Look #3!  And, I need your help, so definitely keep reading.

You can't completely tell in these close-up pictures, but the skirt has these velvety black stripes and the color is a sort of gray/brown.  And this is where I seriously need my reader's help.  I loooooooove love love pencil skirts.  I have a "leather" one and a regular every day black version for work.  But both of them are cut to right above my knee.  This one is very much out of my realm.  When I first put it on, the length threw me off.  It is very tight as well, so my pear shaped hips definitely were making an out-there appearance.  Yet, when I styled it with these two tops you see above and looked back at the pictures my hubby took, I got stuck.  So, also...I'm wondering, if I don't or can't wear this to work, will I even wear it enough in general?  Leave your opinion in the comments and let me know.

Let me explain, the stripes definitely are tricky for my hips as well as the very tight fit.  But the material is slinky and so it rides up and has a very high waist.  So, it does create a sort of pooch on me when I don't really have one.  My hubby is telling me not to keep it because of that and I do agree with him. Yet, it looks so good in these pictures and I will just have to make sure I am pulling it down...but do I really want to keep pulling it down?  Do I just wait and see if Brent can find me something else like it? Gah!  I don't know!  I tried to style it dressed up and then also more casual using the styling cards.  And, it does work well both ways.  Also?  I tried to turn sideways for a shot so you could see the "pooch" being created...but I seem to have covered it with my hands on accident.  What are your thoughts?

Status:  Up in the Air

Look #4

Daniel Rainn Shanae Abstract Print Tie Waist Dress | $58

Please ignore my fluorescent and banged up legs!  You're lucky I shaved and put on lotion.  LOL

Brent mentioned he included this dress because of how much I loved the shirt dress (sent back) from my 2nd fix.  I am very glad he did because this one is a better fit.  But, it took some tweaking on my part and I truly hope all ladies, who aren't as comfortable with styling or fashion, try these little tweaks. You see, it's not your body, it's the clothes.  Don't change your body to fit the clothes, change the clothes themselves.  I heard that from Stacy London and Clinton so many times on What Not to Wear.  Anyway, the belt on this was to go in two loops on the dress but then it would have tied right below my chest.  It was NOT flattering and I know things are a lot more flattering when I use my natural waistline.  I took it out of the loops and scooted it down and voila!  My hubby is pretty impressed to see this dress has pockets as am I. The sleeves are also adjustable or convertible if you will.  Also?  How much do you love my new black heels I got the other day while I was out of town.  They are Naturalizers from Dillards...and I got them for only $50!!

Status:  Kept

Look #5

Fun2Fun Montreal Arrow Printed Henley Blouse | $48

This was the the let down piece of this box.  I think it was the pattern.  My hubby told me it looked bohemian when I put it on and I didn't believe him until I looked in the mirror.  The pattern is too busy for my frame and I think the neckline might be throwing me off as well.  I had actually requested to get this top sent to me (but a plaid version instead) so I was sad to see the style didn't suit me.  Thanks anyway Brent!!

Status:  Sent Back

All in all, I think this was my favorite fix overall.  Sure, I only kept 2...possibly 3, depending on what others think of the skirt...but I love that Brent used my Pinterest board and picked items from very different brands I've received in the past.  Plus, the variety in styles outside of my normal comforts was good.  The prices are also on point!  

Are you read to try out Stitch Fix?  You can click on my referral link here and I do get a $25 credit, which is one of the reasons I can keep up with getting basically?  I'll love you forever!   But I also really enjoy seeing and hearing from those of you who do click on my referral link so I can see and hear all about your experience.  It's like going to the mall with friends and having a great time in the fitting room.  And please...enjoy it!

For March, I plan to request some bright colors and short sleeve or sleeveless tops.  I'm hoping for some peplum and dressier to dressy casual tanks as well.  I can't wait!...since all my fixes have been during the "colder" months.  

What do you think of the pencil skirt? Have you received a fix from Stitch Fix?  What kind of items have you received?